Google My Business experts are available to assist your company

Google My Business experts are available to assist your company

 My Local business has been assisting many businesses with their local SEO and use of Google My Business since its inception five years ago. What is the goal? Optimize their Google listing to increase their company's visibility on the web and revenue.

Improve your natural referencing skills by using a local vision

My Local Business experts in Google My Business (which is changing its name to Google Business Profile) and local referencing accompany VSEs and SMEs all over France throughout the year.

"Today, we must remember that it is pointless to be present everywhere on the Internet in order to perform with Google Business Profile." The goal of a company, on the other hand, is to be visible and credible in the right place, at the right time, and for the right people! This is exactly what we want to implement with each of our partners," explains the company's founder, Nicolas Bougouin.

Google My Business: experts at your disposal to help you succeed

To achieve concretely improving a company's performance through referencing, My Local BuZiness teams wish to commit long-term alongside business leaders. "Our policy is to grow our customers in order to grow with them."

On a daily basis, each entrepreneur can then communicate with a single interlocutor who, like a project manager, will shape the company's development and influence using Google tools.

A crucial strategic issue for businesses

The success brought about by Google My Business specialists' expertise is quantifiable over time. For more than three years, the company has been assisting a young notary with the local referencing of his activity.

Because of this long-term work, the firm has grown from around twenty telephone calls per month to more than 300 today; an exponential figure that is currently continuing to grow, allowing it to showcase all of its know-how.

While the health-care crisis has highlighted the strategic importance of a company's online visibility, My Local BuZiness wishes to establish itself as a reference player, providing its customers with all of the tools and expertise they require on a daily basis. In the long run, the company hopes to put its know-how to use for large groups of actors, who may also face issues with visibility and local referencing.

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