The monetization of influence, a new method of direct selling

The monetization of influence, a new method of direct selling

 NewAge was founded in 2011 to address a complex question: how can we transform as many lives as possible all over the world? After that, the direct selling company specialized in health and wellness products. It now has a dozen brands focused on nutrition, body health, skincare, essential oil trading, and air and water purification.

NewAge now aspires to be a global direct selling market leader. To that end, it is preparing to take the first step through its partnership with the Kwik marketplace, which will officially launch in Europe on March 23, 2022. Icham Benallal, General Manager EMEA/CIS, explains.

First and foremost, could you please provide a brief overview of the Kwik marketplace?

Kwik distinguishes itself from other marketplaces. Indeed, its added value is timely, as it allows as many people as possible to be influencers. Its operation is straightforward! When a user shares a link to a pair of shoes, for example, he may be compensated if a purchase is made through that same link.

As a result of the purchase of user B, user A is compensated. If user C clicks on this link and makes a purchase, user A is compensated. However, because he indirectly influenced the sale, user A is still compensated. And so on... This influence wave system can go on indefinitely!

What are the benefits of this position, aside from the remuneration?

This platform allows brands from any country to grow in the European or even global market! This is a huge help at a time when small businesses and artisans are struggling as a result of the pandemic.

Many of them were unable to master the digital tool required to sustain their businesses and were forced to close their doors. Today, Kwik makes it easier for businesses to sell their products directly, for free and gives them access to a larger customer base.

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